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These cards are literally my best work yet and they are so beautiful. The are inspired by my years and years of writing romance, my education in graphic artistry, my study of tarot, and my obsession with Celtic Mythology, the Divine Trinity, and Feminine strength. 

They are full of passion, feminine spirit, nature, and driving energy. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

These are currently in production and will be released soon. There will be addition packs to add on to your deck or specialty cards to choose designs for certain cards that fits your spirit and personality.  I have some oracle cards that you can throw in to mix it up and make this deck your very own.  

As a writer, I absolutely love to use these to generate ideas, to inspire me, and to throw a twist of fate it for my character when I need someone to decide whether the path ahead is sunshiny or doom filled:).   Use them as you would, but I for one will be throwing some Tarot fate into my writing with these beautiful cards. 

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